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Nordic walking is an outdoor sport, born many years ago in Finland as a way for cross-country skiers to train during the summer months.

It is a low-impact exercise tones the muscles, maintains the appropriate body posture, and it is for people of all ages.

The use of poles is similar to the classical cross-country skiing (alternating foot): the walking pole is put on the ground and it is perpendicular to the barycenter.

Nordic walking significantly reduces stress on the joints of hips, knees and ankles through the support of the poles. Poles are not only a support on the ground but they also exercise a pushing upward action.

Learning modern Nordic walking teaches an appropriate poles’ use, allows the recovery of natural walking without poles, and helps to find a correct posture and body barycenter balance, involving actively back and core’s muscles. Learned skills can be transferred to everyday life without the poles’ use.

Moreover, walking poles give a sense of safety to people during gait, and they permit from the first moment to widen the arms’ motion, therefore to lengthen the step in order to ensure balance. We can observe several benefits on walking, coordination and balance in short terms.

You can experience this activity with us on the beach or walking towards paths, where you can enjoy the amazing sights of ancient lava flows and of the ocean.


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