The Atlantic Ocean water consists of 89 elements, existing in our body too, vitamins and microorganism that release substances our skin absorbs and provide multiple benefits such as reducing acne, dermatitis, psoriasis and excoriations. Moreover, it helps to eliminate toxins and to relax.


The Alisei’s breeze that blows on Fuerteventura, known for its pureness, is rich of minerals and negative ions with relaxing and detoxing effects. Therefore, this air is good for not only the respiratory system, but also for deeply nourishing and hydrating the skin and for a physical and mental renewal.


The sunlight helps our body to produce spontaneously vitamin D, which is essential to absorb calcium and to prevent diseases such as osteoporosis, hyperextension, muscular pains; it increases the immunity system defenses and it helps to improve the quality of sleep. In addition, the sunlight stimulates the secretion of endorphins, which is the neurotransmitter of well-being’s feeling, very important to fight Parkinson disease, avoiding risks of depression.


The sand of beaches is dripping with water sea benefits. Having a sand bath listening to the relaxing waves’ sound, enjoying the sun and the warm Alisei’s breeze is pure wellness without equals. The sand, heated by the sun, is useful to prevent rheumatisms, arthritis and neuralgias, cervical arthritis and muscular pains. It is also an excellent natural exfoliating and it is perfect for walking and doing leg exercises.


The volcanic land of Canary Islands consists of minerals and oligo elements. The clay obtained from it helps to improve the skin and to give relief to bones and muscles.


Already existing on the island and directly processed in situ, it is an extremely beneficial and helpful product. Helpful for joints, aloe has a calming effect on nerves because it contains several analgesics; moreover, it can be easily absorbed by dermal layers, reducing inflammations. Aloe is an intestinal balance, and it is a highly nutritive food, rich in fundamental nutrients like proteins, vitamins, aminoacyls, enzymes, carbohydrates and mineral; it is also rich of vitamin B12, necessary for the central nervous system, and it is good for vegetarian diets, lacking of it. Aloe Vera stimulates the endorphins secretion and it has a soothing and analgesic effect. It stimulates metabolism and cellular growth, for cellular reconstruction. It has an energetic and revitalizing effect, because of its ability to stimulate important physiological functions.


The richness of Canary Islands is limitless. A specific law that guarantees astronomic quality by international observatories, set in the archipelago, protects its sky, considered one of the clearest and brightest of Europe. It is the best position all over the North Hemisphere for Universe watching, and here the scientists study the unfathomable mysteries of Universe.