We will use the practice of surfing as a structured therapeutic model adapted to the needs of people with Parkinson’s disease. Taking advantage of the psychometric properties and therapeutic effects of the systematic practise of this sport to promote its bio-development psycho-physical-social starting.

The work in the stimulation of sensory systems, in the necessary devices for learning, in the executive functions, in the physical, psychological, social, cognitive abilities and the perception of the body and the environment. It also provides a space for entertainment through different learning related to this sport.

We base the work on an organized psychomotor intervention, focused on the stimulation of tonic, coordinating, balance and body scheme aspects appropriate to the age and disability of the user; with a process of learning and acquiring skills and skills related to surfing according to its characteristics and progressions.

The synchronization, the balance, the self-control, the reaction of adaptation to the environment, the emotional emotional emotional adjustments, the fun, the physical exercise, the motivation and the socialization are elements inherent to this practice that, developed correctly, become working tools for rehabilitation and educational treatment.

Objectives of surf therapy

  • Use surfing to work simultaneously with perceptive, cognitive, psychomotor, sensory, social and autonomy components.
  • Stimulate physical and organic development.
  • Establish connections between nature, the environment and the body.
  • Develop essential physical qualities (strength, endurance, speed, flexibility and coordination).
  • Improve postural control, laterality and body scheme.
  • Improve global and segmental coordination.
  • Improve self-esteem, autonomy and self-confidence.


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