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Immersed in a protected natural context, a biosphere reserve, the sounds of nature, the Tibetan bells, the Gong, the Drum and other musical instruments, will accompany the person in a holistic relaxation process.

During this process of relaxation and meditation, the person is totally immersed in cascades of vibrant sounds, emitted by ancient and evocative ancestral instruments, connected to the elements: Water, Air, Earth, Fire and Ether.

Each tool creates a different frequency that vibrates in the person's body helping him to leave the normal state of attention, alertness, reaction and concentration to arrive at a more relaxed and meditative state up to a state of restful sleep.

The experience is also called sound massage, in fact every single cell of the person receives a massage directly from the vibration linked to the sound. In this way, all the cells of the body will be stimulated by the same vibration and consequently they will be stimulated to find a state of harmony with each other. This brings harmony to the whole body of the person.

Among the objectives of this practice, we highlight:

  • release of muscle tension and contractions
  • regulation of breathing
  • decrease in headaches and migraines
  • blood pressure regulation
  • decreased stress and anxiety
  • greater calm in the flow of thoughts reducing psychophysical fatigue
  • increased ability to listen to one's body and its reactions to external stimuli, learning to independently manage stress and one's psychophysical reactions to stressful life situations
  • increase or acquisition of the ability to rest and restore one's energies.
  • increase of harmony, of the sense of peace with oneself and with those and with what surrounds us
  • greater self-awareness
  • increased sense of gratitude towards oneself and life, positive thoughts
  • more energy to face everyday life
  • increased sense of freedom and lightness


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