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In an unique setting, immersed in the nature of Fuerteventura, welcomed by its ocean, by its volcanoes, by its fertile land, by the fresh air, by its sun that warms the body and soul, an artist and art therapist accompany you in a path of listening to yourself, your breath, your vital energy, your health potential, your emotions. Creativity will be the communication channel used.

Through art you can access a very stimulating introspective path through which you can narrate your "disease", your existential unease, while stimulating change, knowledge and awareness of yourself by starting a process of transformation, of growth, consolidation of its resources, its talents, its innate health potential.

It is an instrument of knowledge, of introspection, of communication beyond verbal language, of relationship, of empathy, of discovery, of putting into play, of creativity, of growth and transformation.

It is an experience that lasts over time, relived thanks to the memory and repeatable whenever you wish.

No artistic skills are required, on the contrary, it is the occasion, thanks to the guide of the artist and art therapist, to gradually re-appropriate their latent creative resources, enhancing and amplifying their potential and their ability to develop appreciable changes, not only in the artistic experience and in the context of art therapy, but also in daily life.

Art therapy takes place on several levels:

  • Cognitive: mnemonic, concentration, attention, execution, praxis, fine motor skills, eye-manual coordination, ...
  • Emotional: the emotional sphere is channeled by the creative act, it is understood, faced, lived, recognized. You work on your self-esteem and self-confidence ...
  • Creative: the creative process is the heart and the very tool through which the ego is supported, promoting the development of the sense of identity and promoting a general evolution.
  • Relational: knowing better oneself, one's energy, one's health potential, one's weak points, one's emotions, one is more balanced and in harmony with oneself, with the surrounding environment and with others. We have the opportunity to relate in a healthier way to our surroundings and to others.


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