The psychomotor approach used by our psychomotor technician is that devised by Professor Cecilia Morosini, an internationally recognized doctor, expert in physiatry, neurology, child neuropsychiatry, psychoanalysis and in rehabilitation, with whom she had the opportunity to train and collaborate.

The Psychomotricity school directed by Professor Cecilia Morosini was the only one that trained, both in theory and in the internship, in the use of Psychomotor skills with adults and the elderly. Professor Cecilia Morosini shifted the focus of attention from the concept of “care of function”, towards the whole of the person, also highlighting and supporting a key turning point: the PRIMATE OF THE PERSON ON THE PATHOLOGY..

The primacy of the Person over pathology is not only a linguistic variation constituted by the fact of not calling the person “The Patient”, “The Sick”, but rather calling him the PERSON. The linguistic change is the result of a much deeper, broader and more revolutionary concept: the primacy of the PERSON over the patient means that first of all one looks at, stimulates, supports, allies with health potential, with uniqueness of the PERSON with whom you are interacting in an empathic relational context, to start together a process of orientation of recovery and care towards well-being, maintaining and enhancing the quality of life of the person himself, his self-esteem, his realization, harmoniously and balancedly integrating his personal experience, his physical, emotional, psychological and social part.

The primacy of the PERSON over the pathology is the living, concrete and daily philosophy, which is the basis of this type of approach and is the philosophy that MAKES THE DIFFERENCE!

What the psychomotor driver offers you is a journey: a journey to which you are going with your experiential baggage lived up to now and which takes you as a first stop in Fuerteventura in the here and now. You will experience the here and now. And you will discover that the here and now is full of colors, emotions, perfumes, sounds, silences, balance, imbalance, movement, quiet, voices, but above all it is rich in you.

Each will have the opportunity to listen to himself. And from this listening, a flower will be born, rooted in your luggage, nourished by the here and now and with the intense scent of awareness, acceptance, harmony, fullness, well-being. And from here, from here and now, this beautiful flower will resume its journey filling its life and the world with its presence and its unique and intense perfume, certain of its uniqueness, its immense value and its potential.

Psychomotricity, in fact, works on the interaction and integration of the motor, cognitive, affective, relational, cultural aspects that form the person and his identity, using various techniques and methods with body mediation.

The extensive training, the equally extensive experience gained in the psychomotor field and in concrete work together with people with Parkinson’s, allow our psychomotor consultant to personalize the psychomotor proposal by targeting it for the person and for the group of people with whom lives the psychomotor experience itself.

In general, the main objectives of adult psychomotor skills are:

  • support, rediscover and reactivate psychomotor functions.
  • integration of self-image, of one’s personal value, of self-esteem.
  • support and amplify verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • support integration into the family and social nucleus.
  • do not deny the limits, but become aware, privilege and amplify the health potential.


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