Why paint underwater? To let yourself be conquered by the lights and colors of the ocean, and live them directly on the canvas without intermediaries!

The colors glide limpid and pure on the surface of the painting.

It becomes a meditation, a journey in ourselves.

And so that the artist Ely Phenix comes to paint underwater with more than 30 years of underwater experience to her credit. And she becomes one of the very few artists in the world to try her hand at this very particular technique. Underwater painting is an integral part of her creative Entronautica Creativa project, which he accompanies to the knowledge of himself.

Painting in water awakens ancient memories (cellular memory) and deep emotions.

Water pampers us and teaches us to breathe in a different way, a method that can be useful in situations of stress or anxiety. And it teaches us a fundamental part of our life that we often forget growing up, teaches us to play.

Already in a few centimeters of water your every perception changes and is transformed.

The experience is suitable for everyone: you can paint underwater using a container of water and immersing only the canvas, hands and part of the arms; you can paint sitting on the shore of the ocean; paint in the ocean, in a bay protected from currents, where you can touch it comfortably, with a mask and snorkel or with a regulator.

Ely is always accompanied by one or more experienced diving instructors who assist her during each meeting of underwater art therapy, as needed.

It is not necessary to be a professional diver to participate in this experience, as it is adapted to the skills and needs of each.


The best professionals at your disposal.