Breathe, feel the wind in your hands... the wind is your accomplice!

The emotion you will feel will make you fly between the Ocean and the sky!

The Kite surf instructor and the psychomotor therapist will accompany you in this experience.

On the beach will take place the first part of the lesson, during which you will start your personal adventure with sailing and wind. You will experience the workings of the sail and listen to your body. You will experience your energies and those of the wind. You will learn to feel when to persist and when to give in, until you find your balance in real and concrete synergy with the wind.

The second phase, not mandatory and to be evaluated and agreed together with the instructor, will be in the water. At this stage you will experience sliding on the water and flying with the wind.

Why live this experience?

  • Kitesurfing is fun and at the same time a great exercise for body and mind.
  • Tones the body: strengthens the abdominal area, the stabilizing muscles of posture and legs and the arms
  • Exercise breathing and diaphragm
  • Promote the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system
  • Improves attention and concentration, reflexes and overall motor coordination of the body
  • Stimulates balance
  • Trains patience, resilience, adaptation, change, stress management, anxiety and the ability to react to the unexpected
  • Regenerates: increases the production of serotonin, dopamine and adrenaline
  • Anti-stress, thanks to the hormones mentioned above and, consequently, strengthens the immune system
  • It supports the path of self-knowledge, increasing the ability to get involved, to test oneself, to self-evaluate one's abilities, while stimulating the ability to confront one's limits to process and overcome them
  • Stimulates psychophysical balance and supports an evolution
  • Stimulates the ability to adapt


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