Emotions are a fundamental aspect in a person's life.

They are part of everyone's daily life and affect the quality of life.

They actively contribute, on a conscious or unconscious level, to the psychophysical well-being of the person.

It is essential to stay healthy and to have a good quality of life, to recognize one's emotions, to know how to manifest and elaborate them so that they contribute positively and constructively to our life, even in the case of complex emotions that cause suffering (such as sadness , anger, pain, ...)

Holding back emotions is bad for our well-being: anger, frustration, sadness, pain and unexpressed feelings can cause headaches, muscle tension, digestive problems, gastritis, eating disorders, intestinal problems, insomnia, anxiety, depression and other serious problems.

But also holding back joy, euphoria, love, can alter the balance of our psychophysical well-being: difficulty in falling asleep, physical and mental hyperactivity, ...

The inner malaise, in particular, not addressed correctly, is somatized and can become a health problem.

Screaming can be one of the ways to channel emotions outward in a strongly liberating gesture.

Scream therapy is, in fact, a psychosomatic approach to psychical emotions that it is difficult to "throw out". The scream is in fact a proven remedy for emotional pain thanks to the physiological and psychic mechanisms that it activates and that give us relief.


  • helps lower blood pressure;
  • counteracts anxiety and depression by helping to lower cortisol levels and, consequently, perceived stress, freeing us from harmful toxins and triggering a process that brings us back to a good mood thanks to the immediate feeling of lightness after venting;
  • releases a series of hormonal mechanisms that make us feel better;
  • helps to recognize one's own conscious and repressed emotions, facing them with more conscience, mental clarity, understanding them, accepting them, expressing them without shame and transforming them;
  • improves breathing;
  • increases the tone of the voice and the capacity for voluntary self-regulation of the tone and volume of the voice itself;
  • stimulates facial expressions;
  • unlocks the diaphragm.


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