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Francesca De Bartolomeis

Psychomotricist for children, adults and elderly formed at school of teacher Cecilia Morosini. She specialized on Parkinson. She wrote and discussed in April 2007 the thesis on the holistic approach in the treatment of Parkinson, starting from the experience of the field with people with Parkinson and their families in the field of holistic treatments, deepening the issue of biodanza. The thesis is dedicated to her father, a person with a youthful debut parkinson.

Theater expert and Morenian theater, dance, body reading techniques, basal stimulation, active body mediation techniques and Ayurvedic massages.

She taught and conducted training courses for professional educators, hippery and teachers. She has participated to national and international conferences related to Parkinson.


Nicola Modugno

Surgeon (MD) specialist in Neurology (degree thesis "Study of the sequential movement of the upper limb in Parkinson's disease" with 110/110 with honors, the subject of subsequent publication in "Movement Disorders").

Specialization and PhD No (PhD) at the Department of Neurology of the University of Rome "La Sapienza" (Prof Alfredo Berardelli) and HMBU Human Balance and Movement Unit, Prof J C Rothwell, Queen Square, London. Specialization thesis (70/70 with honors): “Study of the short-term effects of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) on the excitability of the human motor cortex”, object of three subsequent publications in Clinical Neurophysiology and Experimental Brain Research.


Sabine Tukovits Fischer

Trained at the Lebens-u Academy of Akademie für ganzheitliche. Heilweisen "and" Artemis Heilpraktiker Lehrinstitut ", in Germany. In these academies she trained in medicine (anatomy, physiology, pathology, differential diagnosis and examination methods) doing many hours of practical study in some German hospitals.

In this Academy she achieved studies physicians andneeded to lay a solid foundation for further training in the field of holistic and natural disciplines. In 2008 she successfully passed the alternative medical examination in Germany.

Recognized as a naturopath and homeopath, she works with people with chronic diseases, specializing more and more and obtaining excellent results for the quality of life of the people who trust her.


Silvia Della Morte

Clinical and group psychologist and psychotherapist, Mindfullness Instructor for the Mbsr protocol for stress reduction and Compassion Focused Therapist.

She has integrated her phenomenological-humanistic-existential approach with outdoor work using the potential of nature in people's wellbeing and awareness paths. She collaborates and builds experiential therapeutic pathways for people with Parkinson's and their carers.


Elena Berti

Clinical psychologist, Mindfulness and Compassion instructor, Pilates teacher, promotes psycho-physical well-being with an integrated approach to the person. 

For years in contact with the reality of Parkinson's disease, you have been carrying out research at an international level to delve deeper into the sphere of psychological and emotional distress of patients and their families, implementing online and outdoor protocols aimed at improving the quality of life. and well-being. 

She has developed the 'Soft Pilates' method for Parkinson's, where the principles of Pilates meet the needs of the disease in functional, progressive and inclusive gymnastics.


Simone Righi

Certified symbolist tattoo artist and authorized by the Department of Health of Spain, the Canary Islands and Italy.

Specialist in ancient civilizations, tattoos with Ancestral and Machine Techniques, drawing free hand unique tattoos, using Polynesian, Maori, Patu-Tiki, Berber symbols and any other style, to help People, through the liturgy of the ritual tattooing, to connect and get closer to themselves.


Fuerte Tribù Surf

Surf school characterized by a holistic, integrated and inclusive vision.

Its highly trained team supports the importance of sport as a tool for personal growth and social inclusion.


Katherine Garabo

Katherine is registered with the Italian Shiatsu Federation and has obtained the Certificate of Competence in Shiatsu issued by the Lombardy Region which recognizes the skills acquired as part of the training and work path described in Annex "A" of the Regional Framework of Professional Standards (QRSP). 

She has developed great practical experience with people with complex and degenerative pathologies, such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.

Thanks to the Shambala school he was able to participate in important projects such as the "Cafè Alzheimer" in the Municipality of Cormano (Italy). 


Jonay Cabrera González

Former boxer, he has been teaching this sport for more than ten years, integrating in his work artistic aspects closely linked to personal growth and the improvement of health in general.

His personal way of understanding boxing is rooted in obtaining the multiple benefits that derive from training.


Emma Greene

A dedicated physiotherapist with vast experience working with people with Parkinson’s Disease.

Emma pursued a degree in physiotherapy to help those with Parkinson’s Disease, after her grandfather was diagnosed when she was young. She graduated from the University of Brighton in 2015 with a degree in physiotherapy. Her final year thesis was based on the effects of exercise on people with neurological disorders. Since graduating, she has worked continuously with people with Parkinson’s, both in the acute hospital setting and also in private practice and community care settings. Emma worked as a physiotherapist in Beaumont Hospital Dublin, the national centre for neurology and neurosurgery in Ireland, with vast experience working in advanced respiratory care and rehabilitation of individuals in the Neurology Intensive Care Unit in Beaumont Hospital.


Dori Alessio

More than 20 years of experience in Applied Arts, crafts, clay, puppets, painting, paper wicker, etc.

Master in art therapy, Artur visual teacher and emotional graphology.