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SURF as a family unifying sport.

Surfing is a sport that is growing and responds to significant learning factors and cognitive-social.

With these perspectives, surfing meets the need for freedom and a healthy alternative lifestyle with unique sensations; it returns to the curiosity and need for new experiences and contributes to the need for affirmation, evasion, idealism, extroversion, commitment to partnership and social openness.

It is also in adolescence that sports preferences are defined, and there is a systematization in sports practice, a gratification in contact with nature, and a cult of friendship and fellowship.

Sports like this, today are so attractive to our sons and daughters and which is in a more than the favourable environment, are what we can use as a tool to connect with them.

Surfing is a sport that anyone can start at any age, and it is an accessible sport and adaptable to all circumstances.

For these reasons, we want to share the possibility of surfing with the family, and it is an excellent opportunity to share a passion.


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