How many types of waves are there? From ripples on the water to the massive Tsunami there are an infinite number of types of waves.

The wave is the flow of water, it is movement, it is a vibration that affects the sand, rock and air. The wave pampers you, tickles you, takes you up and down in its flow, you can ride the wave, you can admire it, you can respect it, you can break it, you can be overwhelmed. But the wave does not stop it, even when it breaks, it does not stop, it changes shape, finds strength and regenerates itself.

What is the Wave of Change?
It is not! But who is it ?!
Who is the Wave of Change?
It is you!

YES, because we can all be the wave of ourselves, of our change. And we can flow in an infinite Ocean by meeting other waves and generating new waves, involving the water we find on our path and in our flow.

As an association we have decided to collect the testimonies of all the waves of change that life leads us to encounter and with which we wish to flow in sharing and in the passion for life itself.

You can be your wave of change! Look at the horizon, you are not alone!
There are many people who have listened to themselves, they have felt their own Wave of life being born from within, from their soul, they have recognized it and are riding it. Listen to yourself, find the Wave of your Life and do not fear: Live it! An infinite ocean is ready to welcome you, support you, enhance you and cheer you on!


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