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Fun and original creative activity based on art, on the graphic line, on psychomotor skills and on the stimulation of brain neuroplasticity.

Through creative proposals, structured exercises and using different specific techniques, it is possible to work on the neuroplasticity of our brain and obtain excellent results.


  • stimulates and develops perception and concentration
  • recognizes, activates and develops the capacities of the hemispheres
  • delays and counteracts cognitive impairment
  • stimulates neuroplasticity
  • develops adaptability
  • works on creativity, on intuition, refines observation and activates it continuously
  • stimulates eye-hand coordination
  • improves fine motor skills
  • improves lateralization and space-time organization
  • improves writing, calligraphy, the fluidity of the graphic line and contrasts micro-writing
  • supports praxis, executive and mnemonic abilities
  • stimulates different types of intelligence
  • increases the ability and speed of reaction
  • develops and improves social skills
  • uses the ability to synthesize, understand and re-elaborate information, synthesis
  • it favors changes in the way of seeing or thinking
  • in the face of the unknown, it helps to have another perspective, another vision, another approach
  • stimulates divergent thinking
  • favors the search for alternatives, working on imperfections
  • supports in daring to face a situation with an uncertain outcome
  • it stimulates the cognitive, conceptual and emotional capacity
  • improves self-esteem
  • relax


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