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All our activities are part of a PERSONALIZED wellness program for the PERSON with Parkinson's and his FAMILY.

The approach is INTERDISCIPLINARY and HOLISTIC. Furthermore, it is based on the PERSON and not on the patient: this does not mean denying a pathology, but rather, it means considering the person in his entirety, stimulating his potential for health and recovery!


The TEAM of professionals works in synergy, in order to support the person and his family in a harmonious and integrated path, to rediscover and enhance themselves and their HEALTH POTENTIAL.

The activities proposed to people vary according to their needs. Each path is personalized and agreed together with the person and the family.

For this reason, during the booking phase, there is an exchange of information between those who contact us and our Consultant Coordinator. On the basis of what will emerge, the path of well-being that will be experienced here will be outlined and which, once you return to your home, will remain as a living and daily experiential baggage.

One of the main objectives of our team is to give you back the inestimable freedom to be the protagonists and advocates of your health. All together we will accompany and support you in TAKING YOUR LIFE IN HAND AND MAKING IT A MASTERPIECE.

The ADVENTURE will begin the moment you decide to contact us.

Organizing your stay here together with regards to accommodation and activities will be the next step.

When you arrive here, you will live the experience in the Here and Now listening to yourself and in synergy with the nature that will surround you '. You will meet a team of professionals and, if groups are organized, other adventure companions.

If any of you, once back home, would like to continue the journey with us, it is possible to agree and structure it together. This is optional and in any case aimed at making you independent as soon as possible in your process of achieving your psycho-physical balance.

For some of our activities there is also a preliminary and preparatory interview with the professional when booking your stay here. In particular for the adapted surf activity and the Ancestral Tattoo.

None of our activities are mandatory. They are all agreed with our Coordinator of Consultants during the booking phase, respecting the needs and wishes of each one.

The excellent constant spring climate enjoyed by the island of Fuerteventura, allows you to carry out outdoor activities at all times of the year.

This is a unique opportunity to enjoy the benefits that nature spontaneously offers us thanks to the sun, iodine and unpolluted air.

This is why most of the activities will take place outdoors in the middle of nature, on the beach and in the garden of the Resort.



What the psychomotorist proposes to you is a journey: a journey you are going to embark on with your luggage..

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Based on psychomotor techniques for adults, this path aims at listening to oneself; it endorses the individual’s..

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Scream Therapy

Emotions are a fundamental aspect in a person's life. They are part of everyone's daily life and affect the quality of life..

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A physiotherapist is a healthcare professional who helps keep people..

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QI Gong

It is the Body and Mind practice: it amis to support and to develop the energy in order to improve health..

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Art therapy

An artist and art therapist will accompany you on a path of listening to yourself, to your breath ..

+ info

Therapeutic painting and photography

Psychologists and other mental health professionals define something as..

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Creative graphics

Fun and original creative activity based on art, on the graphic line, on psychomotor skills and..

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Art therapy in the water

Let yourself be conquered by the lights and colors of the ocean and experience them..

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Ocean's emotions experience

It comes from concrete experience and from the idea that well-being..

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Fuerteventura is the perfect place to do hydrotherapy in the natural environment. The crystal clear waters, the mild..

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Surf therapy

We will use the practice of surfing as a structured therapeutic model adapted to the needs of people with..

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Surf family

Sports like this, which are so attractive to our children today and which are in a more than favorable environment..

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KiteSurf Therapy

Breathe, feel the wind in your hands, the wind is your accomplice! The emotion that you will feel will make you fly between the ocean and the sky..

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It has been shown through various studies that the practice of boxing can be of great help in mitigating the...

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Ancestral Tattoo

It is possible to undertake the ancestral path of tattoos aimed at people with Parkinson's...

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Creation is necessary to find out solutions for everyday challenge and it is essential for the individual’s..

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Multisensory experience

Benefits are several, according to our recommendations. Usually, the aim is to stimulate..

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Meditation with Sound Bath

Immersed in a protected natural context, a biosphere reserve..

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Maritime Excursions

Sit down on the boat, take a breath and…open your spirit! The crystalline sea will captivate you with...

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Holistic Nutrition

Eating in a balanced and natural way positively affects our body, our psyche and our daily life..

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Iodine therapy

Get ready to fill up on iodine! Completely free, kindly offered by the nature that will surround you during your stay here!

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Walking in nature is a pleasant experience that helps to get away from everyday worries..

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Nordic Walking

It is a low-impact exercise tones the muscles, maintains the appropriate body posture, and it is for people of all ages.

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The neurologist replies

We offer you the opportunity to talk to a neurologist who listens to you and who answers your questions with...

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Dinner with a smile

Once a week, we will wait for you for a lavishly banquet, where we will gather altogether to share our emotions..

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The best professionals at your disposal.