This course, which takes a cue from psychomotor techniques for adults, aims to listen to our own body, our own emotional state, and ourselves; it endorses the individual’s motion, emotional and relational integration.

We encourage participants to express themselves through movement and expressiveness, both singularly and interacting to each other, with a background music, chosen for its evocative-emotional power.

Dancing means free movement, connected with the emotion of which it will become expression.

The team is an additional benefit, it is a booster without any judgements; it conveys safety and protection in order to take chances that life offers.

Performing a basic dance brings to change some motion patterns; different adaptation stimulus of every dance movement implicates a higher complexity than mechanical body exercises.

The emotional and relational part inside the team reestablishes communication and strengths self-conscious identity; it increases self-confidence and self-worth, moreover dance pleasantness.

There is no need to be good at dancing, but it is important to have the predisposition to live a wellness’ moment with spontaneity, leaving tensions, worries and suggestions out.


The objectives of this activity are:

  • Support the listening of the body connected with the emotional state;
  • Revalue and appreciate the body as a source of health;
  • Support the feelings’ expression through facial gestures, body language and movement;
  • Test motion fluidity in order to reduce emotional tensions and muscle stiffness;
  • Test balance and unbalance, empowering our perception of body barycenter;
  • Test breathing and relaxing techniques;
  • Test unusual movements aimed to fight dysfunctional motion patterns;
  • Stimulate creative intelligence, divergent thinking and empathy;
  • Support self-confidence and self-worth.


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