Walking in nature is a pleasant experience that helps to get away from everyday worries, to "unplug", to relax, to resume contact with oneself. Doing it in Fuerteventura, an island declared a Biosphere Reserve, with large natural spaces, protected parks, very different scenarios is an even more intense and exciting experience. Thanks to the infinity and variety of trails on the island, even those who are not experienced or trained can do it. Volcanoes, beaches, hills, dry rivers, valleys await you, together with our forest guide, for a totally regenerating and accessible experience.

In fact, thanks to a specially created chair, even those who have mobility difficulties in walking, can visit places reachable only on foot, enjoying and benefiting from nature, the landscape, the pure air and the company of their fellow adventurers. Exploring Fuerteventura is truly an opportunity of great value.

Long walks bring great benefits to both body and mind, positively influencing the body, mind and psyche.

Numerous scientific studies that prove it: much better training in the open air than that between four walls.

Among the psychological benefits:

  • gives serenity and emotional well-being
  • relieves and prevents stress
  • stimulates the production of endorphins, serotonin, dopamine and reduces cortisol levels
  • reduces and counteracts anxiety and depression
  • stimulates the immune system

Among the physical benefits:

  • helps the eyes soothe the stress caused by artificial lights, computer and mobile screens, air conditioning and pollution
  • trains the visual field by expanding it, stimulates eye movements in all directions
  • stimulates balance and proprioception
  • helps regulate blood pressure
  • stimulates metabolism
  • stimulates the proper function of the intestine
  • helps the cardio-circulatory system
  • trains breathing and lung capacity
  • prevents and helps control diabetes
  • aerobic stimulation of the body
  • trains the muscles
  • legs, buttocks and abdominals
  • strengthens muscle fibers and joints while maintaining the degree of elasticity of tendons and ligaments.
  • strengthens bones by counteracting the risk of osteoporosis

Among the cognitive benefits:

  • increases attention levels,
  • stimulates creativity
  • trains problem solving


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