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“Creation is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited, whereas creation embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.” (Albert Einstein) Creation is necessary to find out solutions for everyday challenge and it is essential for the individual’s psychophysical well-being.

The CreativeMind laboratory contribuye a:

  • Reduce stress thanks to the chance to express emotions, driving them to a tangible and real journey path;
  • Support communication: because creating new things is an amazing form of communication. Who cannot show feelings because of shyness, shame or has a lack of confidence in other people, will be able to “speak” without using words;
  • Improve self-worth. Actually, creativity allows us to create, to make new things, to learn and to test ourselves;
  • Facilitate relationships: creativity’s benefits allow to have a better knowledge of ourselves and to manage to improve our social relationships. Moreover, creative project developed in team permit to strength persons’ bonds;
  • Improve organization’s skills;
  • Exercise manual skills and the oculo-manual coordination, through manual work;
  • Detect problem-solving strategies. The creative thinking facilitates mental elasticity and brain plasticity, supporting cognitive activities.

During the workshop, we will use natural surrounding materials. This choice will allow us to have a deeper experience, connecting us to this amazing island and listening to emotions, which will awaken and echo in all of us.


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