Francesca consultora de Parkinson


Psychomotricist for children, adults and elderly formed at school of teacher Cecilia Morosini. She specialized on Parkinson. She wrote and discussed in April 2007 the thesis on the holistic approach in the treatment of Parkinson, starting from the experience of the field with people with Parkinson and their families in the field of holistic treatments, deepening the issue of biodanza. The thesis is dedicated to her father, a person with a youthful debut parkinson.

Theater expert and Morenian theater, dance, body reading techniques, basal stimulation, active body mediation techniques and Ayurvedic massages.

She taught and conducted training courses for professional educators, hippery and teachers. She has participated to national and international conferences related to Parkinson.

In Italy she collaborates with:

  • The Italian Parkinson Association (AIP) and with the neurologist prof. G. Pezzoli.
  • The Namasté Cultural Association (Italy) as a coordinator of consultants, psychomotricist, event organizer and public relations manager.

She has co-conducted dance groups for people with Parkinson and their families together with Cinzia Pattoni (psychomotricist expert in biodanza and parkinson); she carried out individual homehouse psychomotor interventions; she conducted groups of psychomotricity for people with Parkinson; she co-conducted groups for people with Parkinson with a music therapist, a psychologist and a speech therapist.

With the Namasté Association, she participated in the World Parkinson Congress (WPC) in Portland in 2016.
In Fuerteventura (Canary Islands) she collaborates with the no profit association Fuerte es La Vida Parkinson No Limits as consultant coordinator, psychomotor, event organizer and public relations manager.
She also represented the consultants of the Association Fuerte es La Vida Parkinson No Limits during the World Congress on Parkinson in Kyoto in June 2019.

Additional information:


Sabine consultora de Parkinson


Trained at the Lebens-u Academy of Akademie für ganzheitliche. Heilweisen "and" Artemis Heilpraktiker Lehrinstitut ", in Germany. In these academies she trained in medicine (anatomy, physiology, pathology, differential diagnosis and examination methods) doing many hours of practical study in some German hospitals. In this Academy she achieved studies physicians andneeded to lay a solid foundation for further training in the field of holistic and natural disciplines. In 2008 she successfully passed the alternative medical examination in Germany.

She received classical homeopathy training with alternative practitioner Manfred Klein in Germany and further online training with ArsCurandi - Carl Classen Germany and Rajan Sankaran from India.

Recognized as a naturopath and homeopath, she works with people with chronic diseases, specializing more and more and obtaining excellent results for the quality of life of the people who trust her.
Shiatsu was trained at the Shiatsu Austria school with Dr. Eduard Tripp in Austria and at the European Shiatsu school in Gran Canaria for three years with Adelina Tabraue, Brian Carling and Gill Croft from England.

Trained in Qigong at the Qigong Institute in Barcelona with Nuria Leonelli for qigong health, then other forms of qigong with Daisy Lee and Mingtong Gu.

Trained with Andean teachers in meditation techniques.

She has been teaching QiGong classes, individual Shiatsu sessions and homeopathy consultations for years, developing a great experience in the field of stress disorders, chronic pathologies, anxiety, Parkinson's, infectious diseases, allergies, gynecological changes, metabolic diseases, migraine, rheumatism , digestive problems, psychological disorders, depression, insomnia, etc.


Ely consultora de Parkinson


Artist trained at: Walt Disney Academy Milan, ITALY Painting, Sculpture, Graphics, Cartoon; 1985 -1989 Diploma in Art; School of Comics, Milan, Italy Cartoon, Comics Illustration, Graphics, Writing, Anatomical Drawing, Live Drawing, History of Art.

Master of Art Therapy in Polysegnico Model at ArTeA Specialization School in Art Therapy Milan, Italy. Thesis topic: what relationship does Polysegnico Model Art Therapy have with Neuroscience: what really happens in the brain when following an Art Therapy course?
Established and recognized artist, winner of international prizes and competitions. Her works are exhibited in international collections and museums.

Here are just a few: exhibition at the New York art Expo 2008; individual exhibition in Philadelphia in 2009 (EE.UU) and in Helsinki (Finland) in 2010; at the Museo dell'Arte del Fuoco in Milan (Italy) there is one of her works permanently exhibited since 2010.
Manages art therapy ateliers with people with psychiatric disorders, addictions, eating disorders, physical disabilities, children, adolescents, adults, the elderly.

Underwater expert for 31 years, passionate about cetaceans, she is also a naturalistic illustrator, recognized by the Italian Marine Biology Society, of numerous magazines including Airone, Oasis, Focus, Ethos, Mondo Sommerso, M.A.R.E, Aqva and Subaqva.

Responsible for the Italian Sport for All press office for the diving sector.
She collaborated with Folco Quilici, Yves Omer of Jacques Cousteau's team, Enzo Maiorca and his daughter Patrizia and many many many others.

She organized and managed creative and therapeutic workshops for children, adolescents and adults in which art and the sea merge.
She is one of the 5 artists in the world to paint underwater, but she is the only art therapist in the world to accompany people and children in this extraordinary underwater painting experience.